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Strategic Planning for Public Relatons


Routledge / Taylor & Francis

5th edition, 2017

Publisher website w/ companion site

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Strategic Planning for Public
is a 
textbook for

university students and a self-

study guide for practitioners.


This popular text has been adopted by 279 colleges and universities around the world for graduate graduate and undergraduate courses in strategic communication, public relations principles, case studies and campaigns. It also has been acquired by 1,220 academic libraries around the world. It has been cited in 375 books and academic journals.


Strategic Planning for Public Relations also is on a short list of recommended books by Public Relations Society of America for people preparing for the APR accreditation exams.



Routledge / Taylor & Francis

5th edition, 2017

Publisher website w/ companion site

Colleges & universities using this book


Media Writing: Print, Broadcast, &

Public Relations is an introductory,

hands-on text for students learning to write in the current multimedia environment. It includes real-world examples and practical writing exercises for people entering the field.


Media Writing has been adopted by 59 colleges and universities in the USm Canada, China and Australia. It has been acquited by 906 academic libraries around the world.

Original Research Reports


The News about Sovereignty: A Study of New York State Media Coverage on the Sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee
Content analysis of three phases of news reporting on Native American sovereignty and taxation issues (2010)


The Cherokee-Freedman Story: What the Media Saw
Content analysis and framing theory of news media on the citizenship vote within the Cherokee Nation (March 2007)


Two Polls; Show Media and Government Out of Step with the Public Comparison of original research by the author with a parallel poll by Zogby International, both dealing with public opinion about taxation on Indian land (2007)


Public Opinion on American Indians and Taxation Issues in Western New York
Three-part research project (focus groups, surveys, and content analysis) coooordionated with students in Communication Research class at Buffalo State (2005)


Dinosaurs or Dunces: Who Should Teach Public Relations? International Communications Association (1995)

Public Relations: The Basics


Routledge / Taylor & Francis


Publisher website


This is a readable introduction to the
and growing international

profession of public relations. The

book includes a comprehensive

narrative on the profession and its 

historical development and current status around the world. 


It also features an abbreviated overview of the four-phase, nine-step strategic planning process associated with Strategic Planning for Public Relations.


Contemporary international case studies are woven throughout the text ensuring that the book is relevant to a global audience. It also features a glossary and an appendix on first steps towards a career in public relations making this the book the ideal starting point for anyone new to the study of public relations


Public Relations: The Basics is one of 25 titles in Routledges' Basic series.

Becoming a Public Relations Writer


Routledge / Taylor & Francis

4th edition, 2012

Publisher website w/ companion site

Colleges & universities using this book


Becoming a Public Relations Writer:

A Writing Workbook for Emerging

and Established Media is a textbook

for graduate and undergraduate

students. It is a comprehensive guide

to writing in many varied formats for effective public relations. It also focuses on ethical and legal issues about writing.


Becoming a Public Relations Writer has been adopted by 154 universities in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. It has been acquired by 792 academic libraries around the world.


This edition of the book has new material on writing for social media and writing for various digital formats.

Current Research Interests


Best practices for teaching public relations courses


Emerging role of media interviews in the communication strategy of Pope Francis


Intersection of media and American Indian issues


Role of apology in corporate/nonprofit crisis communication

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