Ron Smith's Teaching Notes on …

Tactics for Integrated Communication


Updated Spring 2016 as a supplement to Professor Smith's textbooks
Strategic Planning for Public Relations and Becoming a Public Relations Writer, (Routledge/Taylor and Francis).


Public relations and marketing practitioners have many vehicles available to carrying their messages to their publics. Here are several suggestions for specific tactics that can be used in planning a comprehensive program for integrated commuinication. These tactics are groups into for broad categories: personal communication tactics, organizational media tactics, news media tactics, and advertising-promotional media tactics.


Personal Communication and Involvement Tactics


Personal Involvement & Product Exhibition: Door-to-door canvassing. Free class. Hands-on demonstration. In-home demonstration. Plant tour. Premiere performance. Open house. Ride-along. Sample class. Sampling voucher. Shadow program. Sneak preview. Tasting/sampling party. Test drive. Tour. Trial membership.


Information Exchange: Advisory board. Class. Conference. Convention. Debate. Educational opportunity. Guest lecture. Informational interview. Lecture series. Lobbying. Meeting. Personal promotion. Petition drive. Question-answer session. Seminar. Speaker's bureau. Speech. State-of-the-X address. Stockholder meeting. Symposium. Town meeting. Training program. Word of mouth. Workshop.


Special Event & Demonstration: Anniversary. Assembly. Art show. Award presentation. Banquet. Celebrity appearance. Centennial. Competition. Contest. Concert. Convocation. Dedication. Demonstration. Display. Entertainment. Exhibit. Fair. Field Days. Fashion show. Festival. Fundraising-athon. Grand opening. Ground breaking. Holiday celebration. Luncheon. Marathon. March. Motorcade. Open house. Opening ceremony. Parade. Pageant. Performance. Picket. Poster child. Proclamation. Procession. Race. Rally. Recital. Ribbon cutting. Reception. Sneak preview. Social activity. Sponsored event. Team sponsorship. Theme event. Trade show. Window display.



Organizational Media Tactics (Owned Media)


Publications and Print Collateral: Annual Report. Booklet. Brochure. Bulletin. Bulletin board. Consumer publications. Door hanger. Fact sheet. Flyer. Folder. Handbook. Instructional materials. Leaflet. Manual. Memo. Newsletter. News release (internal use). Pamphlet. Pay insert. Poster. Progress report. Position paper. Proclamation. Progress report. Proposal. Reprints. Quarterly report. Research report. Teacher kit. User kit.


Direct Mail: Appeal letter. Catalog. Invitation. Memo. Marketing letter. Postcard.

Electronic: Audio tape. CD. Cell phone. Corporate video. Demo CD. DVD. Dial-a-message. Direct-mail video. E-mail. E-newsletter. E-zine. Electronic publishing. FAQ. Fax. Interactive website. Internal video. Multimedia. Nonbroadcast video. Recorded information. Slide presentation. Telephone. Teleconference. Text messaging. Videotape. Voice-mail message. Web page. Web radio/audio. Web TV/video.


Social Media: Blog. Chat room. Sharing sites. Social networking. Wiki. Vlog. Twitter.

Telephone: Cell phones. Hotline. Recorded message. Telemarketing. Toll-free telephone 800/888 number. Telephone 900 number. Telephone tree. Telepromotion (auto-dial). Voice mail.

Graphic: Corporate design. Identity system. Logo. Packaging. Poster. Signage.



News Media Tactics (Earned Media)


Print: Advisory. Backgrounder. Biography. Editorial conference. Event listing. Fact Sheet. Feature story. Guest Editorial. History. Interview. Interview notes. Letter to the editor. Media kit. News conference. News interview. News release. Photo and caption. Pitch letter. Query letter. Position statement. Op-ed piece. Research report. Service/how-to article. Story idea or tip sheet. White paper.

Magazine: Consumer. Trade/Professional. Print/Online.
Newspaper: Daily/Nondaily. Special Interest. Special Audience. Print/Online.

Radio-Television (in addition to print): Actuality. Audio news release. B-roll. Call-in/talk show. Editorial response. Interview. Media kit. News conference. News release. Public affairs programming. Satellite media tour. Studio interview. Video news release.

Radio: AM. FM. Public. Satellite. Online.
Television: Commercial Broadcast. Public Broadcast. Cable. Network/Local. Online. 



Advertising and Promotional Media Tactics (Paid Media)


Print: Coupon. Direct mail. Directory. House ad. Magazine (classified; center spread; general display; regional/local display; pre-printed insert). Magazine customizing (injetting; selective binding). Newspaper (classified; display; free-standing insert; supplement). Public relations advertising (advocacy; corporate; issue; public service).


Electronic: Audiotext. Cable (network/spot). Cable crawl. Cell phone ad. Commercial (10-15-second; 30-second; 60-second). Direct-response television. Infomercial. Interactive television. Media cosponsorship. Network/spot. Public relations advertising (advocacy; corporate; issue; public service). Radio remote. 


Computer: Digital. Electronic catalog. Internet. Link. Marquis ads. On-line service. Pop-up/interstitial ad. Search engine. Sponsored Web page. Website.


Out-of-Home: Aerial (inflatables; skywriting; towing). Arena electronic board. Billboard (poster, painted bulletin, extra, wall mural). Cinema Screen Advertising. Digital display. Electronic. In-store/On-site display. Outdoor. Portable. Signage. Transit (interior; exterior; platform). Videocassette.


Promotional Items: Catalog. Clothing. Give-away. Product licensing. Product placement. Specialty item.