Ron's Teaching Philosophy

I love teaching. I love seeing students develop skills, insight and confidence. I've spent enough time in administration (as department chair and associate dean) and in the real-world practice of public relations to know that my true passion is for teaching.


My pedagogical approach is to always focus on student needs and interests -- both for now and for the future. I set expectations that are clear, admitedly challenging, and fully achievable by those who approach their role as student with enthusiasm and persistence. While I am capable of great compassion, I don't believe in lowering standards because a student makes poor choices or lacks motivation.


My classes are designed around the idea that the professional world is highly competitive, that public relations and related career options demand the highest quality of work performance, and that the classroom is the place where students learn to meet the challenges of the workplace. My goal is to empower students with knowledge and ability, as well as self-assurance and conviction. I also hope their work will reflect high ethical prnciples and that they will leave Buffalo State commited to helping othersd and making a positive contribution to society.


I want to develop a classroom experience that is conducive to your learning, and that is fun when appropriate. I aim to create a place where we can argue opposing points of view, always with respect for each other. 

Ask my current and former students what my classes are like. Here's what I think you will hear: fair, challenging, demanding, affirming. On end-of-semester evals, students have said:  "I learned more than I expected." "At first, it seems that Ron is assigning too much and being too difficult, but you really learn a lot and it pays off."  "Demanding but structured."  "He makes class enjoyable."  "Ron is not only knowledgable, but he is a guiding figure; he truly cares for his students."  And one of my favorites: "Ron knows his stuff, and it shows in my work."